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Cap Score Data Input

Use this page to input the information necessary to calculate your CAP score. Once complete, your score will display at the top of the page. if you are not sure how to calculate weighted classes, use the GPA Converter. If you have not yet taken ACT or SAT, watch our informational videos on how to estimate equivalent scores using other methods. If you have taken the ACT or SAT test multiple times, use the best scores for your CAP calculation.

You can figure your CAP score multiple times as grades change or test scores are updated. Simply recalculate with the new information. When you are done with your calculations, use the print icon at the top right to print your results

Curriculum Strength & CAP Index
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Core Subjects: Math, Foreign Language, English, Social Science, Science

CAP Score Color Coding

To aid you in your school search, we've grouped schools into categories based on their scores. Once you have determined your CAP score, find the color code that fits. The schools with this color will be your best fits. Schools with the color above will be stretch schools, and below may not be vigorous enough. In many cases, your Likely Admissions level score and your Elite Adnut level score will be in different color categories. If this occurs for ou, know that schools in your admissions color band will most likely accept you, but schools in your elite level band are the ones that will recruit you most aggressively.

Range of CAP Scores By Level of Admissions Difficulty
Color CodeCAP 25thCAP 75th
Purple Group9632269
Blue Group26814288
Green Group39605804
Yellow Group49596993
Red Group*69929692
Your CAP score is
Recommended Group

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