Current Backup Costs

Current monthly backup hardware cost
Current monthly backup software cost
Current monthly backup hardware maintainance cost
Current monthly backup software maintanance cost
Current monthly backup service call costs
Other current hardware costs per month
Other current software costs per month
Number of backups per month
Number of hours per each backup
Number of restores per month
Number hours per each restore
Pay rate of backup operator including overhead
Other costs per month

Tape Costs

Cost of each tape
Number of tapes currently in use
Total number of archive tapes used per month
Other tape costs per month
Monthly cost of offsite tape storage
Monthly cost of tape removal
Monthly cost of tape recovery
Other tape storage costs per month
Total Hot Storage Needed (GB)
Total Cold Storage Needed (GB)
GB/TB Monthly Cost
Total Storage Requirements
Hot Storage
Cold Storage


Current Backup Costs
Total Backup Costs Total Monthly Storage Fees
Total Tape Costs Total Annual Storage Fees
Total per year (tape) Total Annual Savings
Total Current Costs (tape)
Total Backup and Restore Cost