The Open House Oracle™ - A Free Service

A research project conducted by The Open House Association™ for the benefit of Realtors®, and their buyers and sellers throughout America. See Terms for details.

A. Start Here. Tell us about the Open House or skip if you're just testing the system.

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B. Next. Select a "Primary Forecast" for your Open House based on how you actually intend to set-up the event. Then you can run a few "What-if" Scenarios to see how to make it better!

Open House Attendance Metrics

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14. Forecast Weather
15. Home Pricing for the Market

"Groups" reflects one or more individuals (including agents), that are in the same party.

C. Finally. See how much commission you can expect from your event both "At your Current Level of Training" and if you were operating "At a Certified or Expert Level".

Predicted Agent / Team Value Enter / Make a Selection
16. List Price of this Open House*
17. Single-Side Commission**
18. Your Expertise
19. Follow-Up with Prospects
20. Borrowed or Your Listings***
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Predicted Gross Commission Income to Host Agents from this event. ****
Based on your level of training, this is the estmated number of visitors needed for a close.
Based on the forecast attendance, here are the number of similar events needed for a close.

Cert. level based on Cert. Specialist + Always Follow-up Selected.

D. Now just click the Submit Button to add this Open House to our databank. (It's Free + We Need You!)

Click to Submit. The Oracle will send you an email with your prediction, at the end of your event day please reply with the actual figure.

Your actual results will then be applied back to the Oracle's formulas. The result, the Open House Oracle gets better and smarter every time we use it!

The privacy of our agents and their clients is vital to our data gathering success. Your open house project data is never shared on an identified or individual basis, and no one other than you is ever contacted regarding this analysis or the results.

* Enter list or est. selling price. ** Use customary single-side commission for your market. *** Assumes ALL events are either borrowed or are your agent/team listing. **** Portion of commission attributable to this event. ± "Sign Locations" often require multiple signs per location. Count locations, not just signs. ± ± Fixer properties are not covered at this time.